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Presidential candidate John Edwards recently spent 400$ to look like that:

Birju Nai does better than that at 20Rs. What are you grinning about? You just paid 835 times more than that silly cut's value.

(Source: The Politico via Instapundit)

Saw this while i was crawling along the Blogosphere. Have a look at the bottom of the ad. It clearly states that this is a public service ad. This seems to be new. It was definitely not there before the recent update.
eMarketer informs us that Women outnumber men online. Anybody who has been into social networking for more than a week wouldn't have been surprised. You have droves upon droves of horribly bored, self righteous, arrogant, pseudo-profile creating girls there. And they dominate the market totally. It is maybe the girly thing to do. Go out and network. Talk trash. Participate in intellectual discussions about what you propose to do in Gandhiji ki dhoti. And loads of other mind racking puzzles. Including one where you prefix "In the bed" before your daily fortune's prophecy.

Considering that porn is no longer the most happening thing in Web 2.0 it was high time that the fairer sex took over.

Hopefully they will take the major part of the blame for the time that the world spends wilfing.
(link via Indiauncut.)

Yup. But is that girl the Titanic? Is that the implication?