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Yesterday I watched Umrao Jaan. This was in continuing with my tradition of watching every movie only after every man, woman, their dog and if its people from the cow belt then their cow too has watched it. Needless to say the movie was a big bore. Lets get down to lists again:
  • Aishwarya sounded asthmatic.
  • Abhishek sounded bored. (obviously)
  • Nobody had a clue why they were doing this movie.
  • The songs were fabulous; for the people who own stocks of companies that make pills for headaches. Sigh. Wish i had watched this earlier then i could have tracked the stock markets and maybe could have earned a quick buck.
Now that this part is settled lets get down to the real reason why i started writing this post. After every bad movie that i see I have to rant and rave about that to as many people as possible. Neha was not an option as she was my comrade in arms in passing snide remarks throughout the movie. So then it had to be Maddy. She said that i was a prejudiced git. No she didn't use those words but that was the gist. She said that I was heavily prejudiced in favour of international cinema. And she finally concluded that just because Indian cinema doesn't have the technological brilliance of our western counterparts we shouldn't ridicule them.

That brings me to a very important point. When we watch a movie are we trying to seek more than mere entertainment? Do factors like sympathy play a part in how good a movie is in our eyes? Does the fact that a movie has the hottest pair in tinseltown make it any better? Are we objective when we watch a movie or are we subject to too many factors that bear little or no connection to the actual matter?

Or am i just asking too many questions? Because a study shows that people think more when sleeping than when they are watching TV...

God i will have to stop my rambling.


  • Hey ! Commiserations my friend... I have the same problem with movies which have nothing going for them except locales and the lead pair! It sucks to think Indian Cinema has been reduced to such gibberish. I would anyway watch an english or even an iranian or afghani movie to indian. And because of that , i am labelled an anglophile... well sue me!!

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