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The Economic Naturalist Robert Frank at Google:

Interesting questions that were analyzed:

  • If seat belts are provided for kids in cars, why not in airplanes? In-flight turbulence is at least equivalent to that experienced by people driving on a highway. Then why this apparent lack of concern for infants in flights?
  • Why does a flight from Hawaii to the mainland cost more than one from the mainland to Hawaii? The distances are the same, the route is the same. The fares should be the same. No?
  • Is depending only on people's self interest a good strategy to ensure a better allocation of economic resources?
But what caught my interest the most was Robert's analysis of the teaching of economics. Students not grasping concepts is understandable when even the professor's don't know much about them, it gets disturbing.

Robert proposes a method of teaching economics using narratives and repetition. Sounds intuitive and fun. I for one am not gonna forget any of the principles that i learned, any time soon.


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