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The Scientific American blog reports that a Dallas based company - Kannuu - has devised a technique that allows you to type with your thumb. They claim that typing speeds will be similar to those reached using standard keyboards.

Another one of those innumerable built for mobile devices innovations that show up every day, but I for one am looking for a PC version of this thing. Why? Because I am a two finger typist. Although I am good at it now, and am as fast as those 'proper' typists, I can't avoid looking like an idiot in the company of such masters.

Using my thumb to type is a different ball game altogether. Hours spent smsing my girl friend does have its advantages. :)


  • Ah...gives an entirely different perspective to the phrase "twiddling your thumb!" :-)

  • Tis high time we had those minority report style interfaces. Damn these slow-moving consumer electronics innovators! Where's the VR? Where's the gesture-in-the-air keyboard ? :)

  • We are getting close. Did you check out Microsoft Surface? Seriously fundoo.

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