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In one of the most bizarre incidents EVER, Ramakant - a washer man working in Ahmedabad - shoved up an air filling machine's nozzle up the rectum of his friend Vivek. Why?

All for fun of course. Both of them felt that it would be very funny to see an inflated Vivek floating around the room. Things didn't go quite according to plan, and Vivek's intestines burst under the pressure.

The police have booked Ramakant for negligence. Heh.

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  • Did the guy die?

  • Nope. He lived.

  • Well, that's good.

  • OMG, just when you think you've heard just about everything...who would ever think someone would even think of shoving an airhose up someone's rectum? They must have been VERY good friends. Well, maybe not so much anymore.

  • Well, I thought it was funny. Hadn't read that story. Glad he's not dead, but either way, still funny.

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