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Everyday you wake up to read a story about India Shining and if its not about Shining then its generally the oponnents talking about India Whining. As far as i was concerned i was very happy to believe in the theory that India was all set to take off but i never had any evidence of that optimism from people around me.
But today i got the very first glimpse of this optimism. I was thrown out of class today for talking with my friend. The physics teacher has a grudge against us so it was neither unexpected nor unwelcome. Coincidentally there were 6 more people outside. Conversation when a gang of boys is around is quite obvious. Girls, sex and stuff. But out of the blue a guy named Chirag started talking abou privatisation. He said that within the next ten years or so India will become like America: Totally privatised. My first feeling was like here goes another America bashing session, because nobody ever seems to have anything good about that country but then he said: Most of our problems will be solved yaar. Corruption can only come down from the stratospheric levels and job oppurtunities will also start coming up like never before.
Just goes on to prove that the government can go ahead with their privatisation plans because the opposition is from the oldies and they are in a minority when compared with the youth. Yipppeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!



  • Anonymous said... 6:11 pm

    Well as of now its good when just given a thought. but i dont think its pratically possible.
    If u just go around the country u ll find good getting better n bad getting worst.. the privatisation of the country will surly pour out with some good opportunities who want to sek them but the lower class in the country will be supressed because of the same..
    on average if u ask people who are unemployed they are happy with however life they live..
    so there's no point in just running behind advancements in the country.. as the main cause of social backward ness is going to be the same..
    If want to develop eradicate evil things around come to a stable condition.. and then think about expanding the scope of good people around.. so privatisation in comming years is a bad idea according to me..

  • I think you are wrong there. Privatisation will bring in more businesses into existence and the businesses which are already established will flourish consequently creating eeven more jobs. that should lead to prosperity and if it does not then i have no clue what will.

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