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I read this article in the Indian Express about how political parties were teaming up to oppose a government directive which proposes to dedicate 50% of the area of the cover of a cigarette packet towards an injurious to health warning decorated with skulls and bones. The aesthetics of it did not appeal to me but I do not propose to write about that.

But I did not loose hope. I knew that there was hope for some blogworthy thing in that directive. So I looked it up here. And I read about the most amazing thing:
no messages that directly or indirectly promote a specific tobacco brand or tobacco usage in general are inscribed on the tobacco product package
Now I wonder what that is supposed to mean. Are you not supposed to propagate your own brand on your own cover? Writing your name in such a way that attracts a person's eye is obviously advertisement. Giving a catchline to your product is a form of advertisement too. So what the government actually wants is the rest of the cover should be blank and the part that is not should have the skull and bones. That would make it look perfectly like a bottle of poison. So much for aesthetics.


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