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A new legislation by the Chineese government wants to make sure that you never keep more than one dog at your place and even more absurd that should you chose to keep even one its height should not be more than 14 inches. If none of this makes any sense to you then rest assured that you are not the only one. I was equally puzzled too. So i decided to dig a little and this is what came out:

  • This law is not new, its just that it was not enforced very strictly earlier.
  • The reason for this ban is the fear that it may cause rabies.
  • In August, tens of thousands of dogs were killed in Yunnan province in southwestern China after three people died of the disease.
From this one thing stands out rather obviously. China's public health system is not in good shape and instead of trying to solve this problem, China is taking the easy way out: eliminating the dogs. As of today registering a dog and subsequently taking care of its health are rather expensive in China and the government has been doing nothing about it partially because of a Chineese perception that keeping a dog is one of those bourgeois tendencies that any communist loves to hate so much. One thing that worries me is the fate of all those dogs who are with owners having more than one pet.

After hearing so much about the way China is progressing this news comes as a confirmation that all the progress that we see is on the economic sector, personal freedom and liberty are still alien concepts to the ruling party.

And oh if you were wondering about the limitation on the dog's height, the official spokesman's reason was that dog's that are higher than 14 inches "make those who don't own dogs psychologically afraid." Now thats what I call a reason.

More on this here.

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