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Asha Bhosle wants to slap Himesh now thats what I call a story. This scoop was sent by vyom. Apparently Himesh is rather defensive about people criticising his style of mooing (oops, freudian slip), singing style that seems more nasal than vocal. So when some reporters cornered him and asked him how he tackled charges that he was singing through his nose, Himesh shot back asking why R D Burman and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan were not troubled by the media? Asha was not pleased with what seemed like an attack on R D Burman and she retorted that anybody accusing Burman of nasal singing should be given one tight slap.

What i wonder is what is the problem if anyone wants to sing through his nose? I mean people do things much worse than that. And if a large number of people love Himesh's burping, farting or sneezing; why does he need to be defensive about it? Loves to be fodder for the media i guess. No other explanation.


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