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I was surfing around the internet when I read this article on The Telegraph. It reports how graffiti on your walls by political parties in West Bengal is not a crime any longer and how you have no right to protest or file a case against a party if they write up whatever bullshit they want on your walls. Sweet.

Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s government is all set to scrap the existing anti-defacement law because according to his esteemed opinion it is a “Draconian law dating back to the Emergency period” and he wants to “the democratic right of political parties to write on walls”. Ah thats what i call the spirit of democracy. So there will be no penal provisions for grafitti termed as non commercial. The fun part is that the citizen's permission has to be asked before putting up the graffiti. As if anyone would dare to oppose.

That brings another question to my mind. Why did Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s government pass this law and put itself under the media glare? Even with the anti-defacement law in place political parties could get away with defacing anybody's property. Then why bother?

If you are interested you can read the full text here.


  • considering that graffiti is an art, should the expression of it be stopped due to legislation. Whats bullshit to one may be creativity to another.. So careful on the toes that u mite tread on...

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