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"I am Sunehri," says Aishwarya Rai,"the golden girl." (Or something to that affect.)

That pretty much sums up the movie for me. It is just the kind of dialogue that you never ever wanna hear. Time for a post mortem. I love dissections.

Hrithik Roshan: Well here is a reason you may want to see this movie. Looking as good as ever, he makes the shift from the nerd cum super hero in Krish to "duniya ka sabse cool chor" effortlessly. He is doing everything that was expected of him.

Bipasha Basu: I wonder if she is as clueless about her role as I am.

Aishwarya Rai: Sunehri the 'gai' (cow for all u people who cant get hindi, especially when its in English). Idiotic performance, stupid name, irritating except in a few scenes when she is drool worthy. Caution: If you are watching this movie for Ash then turn the volume to mute everytime she opens her mouth, or be doomed.

Abhishek Bachnan: Totally over shadowed by Hrithik though he plays the part of the brooding cop quite well.

Uday Chopra: Don't get me started.....

Plot: Invisible. Must've been using metamaterial.

Music: Stupid, idiotic score during action scenes. Title track is kinda OK but the less said about the rest of the songs the better.

Final Judgment: Take along a pack of your favourite pills for relieving head aches. They may come in handy.


  • radhika said... 6:26 pm

    u r totally right at all worth seeing movie.

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