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In what will undoubtedly turn out to be a major blow to the Indian male's psyche, I saw this report on yahoo news that the Indian male may not be as well endowed as his western counterparts. The institute surveyed 1,400 men and measured their sizes down to the last millimeter. It goes on to say that 60% of the men in Mumbai had their penises atleast one inch shorter than their international counterparts and about 30% had tools two inches shorter.

This apparently resulted in a 20% failure rate with condoms of the usual size. I did not understand this at first as condoms are supposed to be rolled down, so where did the question of size arise? The answer seems to be that condoms do not fit well enough and tear due to slippage.
I dont know how Indian men will take to this story. I am resting happily in the knowledge that Indian men are responsible for making India the second most populous country in the world so much about our abilities and as some smart ass commented: "Its not the size that matters but what you do with it."

And yeah do I expect the political parties to take any action on this? Yes of course my friend, expect this report to be banned for "attacks on the pride of our nation." Sorry for the PJ.


  • Anonymous said... 9:38 pm

    Now, we know the secrete of their success; with not all the blood flowing to the penis, these guys, Indian and Chinese, think and post 9 to 10 percent growth. Damn.

    Yes, and every red-blooded Indian issue needs some sort of political fallout, I guess the political parties might kick up an issue,
    "Govt to take immediate action"
    "Ban the Agency that conducted this survey"
    “Ban BBC” for getting this out
    Or something like that.
    And maybe even have a high level fact finding mission, presided over by a sitting Judge.
    As long as it does not accumulate international or religious flavor
    (Pak - making an issue, along with Kashmir), it is OK.

  • We are very used to stuff like a political implication for everything from our cricket team's performance to maybe the Indian man's penis. So wont really be surprising.

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