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Well every now and then the governments that rule us seem to forget that we live in a free country. They seem to be blissfully unaware of the fact that its for the individual to decide how to run his/her life.

A recent decision by the Andhra Pradesh government to makes it mandatory for couples to undergo an HIV test before getting married. On the surface this looks like a very good idea but it really is a most stupid one. Just because the government cannot educate people to make this choice for themselves they are forcing it upon them. 'So what?' you say, it will at least help to curb the spread of the disease. Oh yeah? Tell me how difficult it will be to get a forged certificate? As easy as pulling those crisp hundred rupee notes into eager hands.

Even the UN has opposed mandatory testing as this will only help corruption to spread its tentacles a bit wider. It certainly wont do anything for the checking the spread of the disease.

So whats the way out? Its education. I don't see any shortcuts. Its much more sane if the bride or groom demands for a test before marriage rather than the government trying to force the test on us.

I hate cheesy quotes like 'Prevention is better than cure' but its the only one I can think of now. Rather than trying to force people into doing something, its much better to educate them so that such autocratic laws will never be necessary.


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