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The Organiser apparently feels that the Sachar Committee's report - that showed the extent to which Muslims were under represented in various sectors - is all wrong. How did they come to that conclusion? Well its easy to come to any conclusion if you decide to leave your brains at home while writing an article. And thats precisely what the writer of this piece has done.

Lets go over his arguments:

The committee does not take into account the data from Kashmir, (hold on to your bellies) Pakistan and Bangladesh. Why you ask should data from Pakistan and Bangladesh be considered? Because according to the all knowing author, Muslims count them as one single entity across countries and their apparent backwardness in India should be seen against their prosperity in other countries with a Muslim majority. Now this is about as illogical as it gets. The question that we are facing is why is a particular religious community suffering from under representation in almost all sectors except jails. Its not about whether Muslims in any other country or even some state that are better off. Just because the Muslim is better off in some places, it is not an excuse to let him remain backward in others.

Top political posts in the country such as that of the President, Prime Minister and Army Chief are held by minorities. So what? The Sachar committee's report is not about Muslims occupying the top posts of the country but about their vast under representation in almost all sectors where a 'normal' man may work. Its very imperative for political parties to put in minorities at the top posts in the country as they have to project their 'secular' image. This concern does not extend to the common Muslim and consequently he suffers.

There is no substance in the argument that the Muslim is not under represented. The question is how we are going to address this inequity.


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