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Well the BJP is out of ideas again. Since the last couple of years or so the BJP was a highly uncertain party with no apparent agenda at all. OK OK it did have an agenda and that was to oppose all the policies of the government which the left did not. But thats not what you would call an agenda is it? Thats more like a habit. Their hopes that the disjointed UPA would fall apart on its own have not materialized either. So what does the BJP think tank do? Stir up the good old gaumutra that it was made on. Yes my friends Ram Janmabhoomi is back again doing what it has always done best: Make a lot of noise.

What happened really was this: Apparently as an anniversary celebration the detractors of the Sangh Parivar decided to adjourn both houses of parliament. Nobody expected the saffron parties to make a lot of noise about it but they were mistaken.

Most of our politicians are illiterate and thats because of a very good reason: they were standing on their benches when the teacher was teaching. Demonstrating that they have not forgotten their school days, they stood up on their benches and shouted
Jai Shri Ram, Hum mandir wahin banayenge and Ram naam se sharmate, Afzal ko gale lagate.

All very dramatic. The female members of the Shiv Sena also had saffron scarves around their necks. The guys from the BJP had even brought placards to the party.

The implications for all this are very serious. Although the BJP claims that :“We want it built through peace and dialogue.” I am not very certain about their steadfastness to truth as far as this issue is concerned. Hopefully the vibrant economy, the feel good factor and simple good old boredom saves this country from another 1992.


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