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We really need some people to stand up to politicians and take them on, especially among the beaureaucrats. So when the VC of Lucknow University announced that he was not interested in being a rubber stamp and was ready to take any action necessary to maintain law and order in the University even if it angered the political class I was really happy. The guy seems to have a sense of humour too. These are some of the quotes he gave:

He was born to a postmaster so he said that:
“Since my father lived with rubberstamps all his life, I knew its reality and perhaps that is the reason I refused to be a rubber stamp of the CM’’
And then this one:
“I know that Mulayam Singh Yadav is a very good administrator and he will not allow these criminals to be active in the city. He can reform them easily and channelise their energy somewhere else. Maybe in time, booth capturing.”


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