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When you decide to be an entrepreneur and that too at the age of 17, forsaking conventional education you know the going is bound to be tough. Yes there is the importance that people atach to college degrees but thats another issue altogether. The thing that has been confusing me the most is their pressing me to take up a 'normal' job. And whats so wonderful about a normal job? And pat comes the reply: security.

Ah my -terror-, the only thing that can keep incompetents like Bush in office and makes people capable of rising above the ordinary sit at desks and slog away. I always find it funny why people allow a feeling as negative and as destructive as fear to dominate their day to day lives. Fear although an essential quantity in man is there to help us survive, it has nothing to do with living. Its essential for survival.

Truth is i can't find any sense in the argument that a job is safer than a business venture. With a job i am totally insecure about the extent to the level to which i can grow. My growth can be cut because I did not behave like i should with my boss. Tell me this: Does the fact that somebody else has power over you increase your insecurity or do you feel secure about it? As for me i am paranoid about anybody else governing my life.

Arre baba damn your freedom they say talk about financial freedom na? Financial security in a job? Are you kidding? Financial security when what every employer worth his salt wants to do is right size? Then in a job i can be cent percent sure that i will never get my dream car or my dream home while at least with my business i still stand a chance. There are no ceilings to block me. And why don't people realize that no matter how much they are paid, they are still only getting crumbs from the business owner's table? Only explanation seems to be that people are essentially dumb or scared. Either way rats will always be in the rat race, the best you can do is help yourself i guess.


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