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In todays newspaper I read that when Shahrukh was asked whether he was interested in being a politician he apparently replied that "I am too bloody good looking to be one." Now i dont want to comment on that coz i am afraid of all the tomatoes and belans that would be flung at me if i were to express my opinion.

What I wanted to point out was that a survey which was conducted yesterday by a leading newspaper concluded that about 65% said that good looks were impoprtant in politics. So obviously Shahrukh is not in touch with his fan base and the people he proposes to entertain. (wah wah they should give me a phd for my theories.)

But then you cant really blaim Shahrukh, the specimens that show up in the parliament are no advertisements of physical perfection. Hell, I am too lenient but its best that it stays that way.


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