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A new product called the Pherlure Phermone Cologne promises that if you are among the lucky 75% you will experience an "increase in hugging, kissing, and sexual intercourse."

Curiosity First: How does this thing work? Well any chappie who has been following those numerous shows on sex on Discovery would know about this. Apparently it seems that people can smell some natural chemicals called phremones. Phremones are generated naturally by the human body. And by making women smell sweat from other women's underarms, (i know my blog is not kind on your tummy) some people have concluded that these Phremones are strong stuff. Strong enough to affect a woman's ovulation cycle. The products web page claims that women do not judge men on the basis of their looks (tell that to Brad Pitt) or their personality but on you guessed it a man's smell. They of course do not go around sniffing for these phremones but feel it as a gut feeling. I would love to hate this theory but it seems to explain why women are never able to clearly state what they want in a man.

Well after trying this out a few guys seem to have given their testimonials and they seem to be happy with all the attention they are getting. But of course it seems like fabricated stuff as more often than not the case is.

Like a good old neanderthal, i still believe that some good old chivalry can land you a woman. But you see, I am a neanderthal and this is for attracting human women.


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